Hix n' Chix visited St. John's School for PIONEER DAYS!

Chip Stewart teaching Square Dancing to St. John's
students to celebrate PIONEER DAYS along with
members of Hix n' Chix SQUARE DANCE CLUB.
Congratulation to the Graduates!
Hix n' Chix Dancers and Friends

                      HIX N’ CHIX 2018-2019
THANK YOU all for a great start to our dance year – great attendance, energetic callers and cuers, great dancing and enjoyable times making memories.  
We are looking forward to the changes that winter brings – cooler temps, longer nights, some R&R with family in front of the fireplace.  Please take time to
enjoy family and friends.  We have much for which to be thankful.

THANK YOU all for making our 50th Anniversary Dance an enjoyable one.  We had over 100 dancers in attendance.  The club history was shared by some
of the original charter members.  Here is a photo of the charter members –They have been here for 50 years!  

    From Left to Right:   LaVern Johnson, Joy Chichester, Nell Coffey, Roger & Gerry Resseguie.
Congratulation to

Congratulations to Plus Lesson Graduates!

Hix n' Chix Square Dance Club thanks you for attending
our lessons, and looking forward to dancing with  you in a
Plus Tip.

Thank you Mike Olivieri for teaching the Plus Lessons.
Hats at our Derby Dance!